Moving Tips and Tricks

Preparing to Move


  • Here’s some quick (and cheap!) advice from HGTV
  • Want to stage for less than $40? Check out these ideas from Forbes Personal Finance
  • Why do you need to stage your home? For more information on why, here’s some from the pros at


  • Need something with a time recommendation? Good Housekeeping has a master list right here on when to pack what – and when to do other tasks, like putting in a change of address form
  • Keep it simple with Real Simple’s packing guide, with advice on packing tricky pieces
  • Still need more advice? Then check out’s Top 10 pieces of moving advice, with additional links

Preparing the Family

  • Moving with kids? has ways to make the move less stressful for them and for you
  • If you have four-legged family, ASPCA has a few ideas to help them adjust too

Need reliable, professional some help? We have a few suggestions!

Moving Day

  • For a smooth day, check out these ideas from HGTV.
  • Buzzfeed also has some great ideas!
  • Don’t forget to pack toilet paper! It’ll probably be the first thing you’ll need in your new home.

Settling In

  • After all that work, it’s time for more! Help make settling in easier with Live Rich Live Well‘s guide.
  • Military One Source has additional tips for helping children feel settled in their new home

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